Last 100 days of 2011

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
Norman Vincent Peale

Well it is now the last 100 days of 2011. Thus, today we all face a major decision. Do you want to fizz out in these last hundred days? Or do you want to have 2011 go out with a bang?

Well now, more than ever, is the perfect time to change your life in 100 days!

Most people would never even conceder the last 100 days as a perfect opportunity to make a positive change in their life. In fact, most people think about changing their lives only within the first two weeks of the new year; before they fizz out go back to their normal doldrums.

Well, if you are thinking about making a positive change in your life, TODAY is the day to start? Make this year different! Set a goal TODAY and make 2011 go out with a bang!

With that said, I do have some new goals myself. As an older cheerleader who started in her 30s, a true adult cheerleader per-say, I need to cheer for something more that just a sports victory. I need to help cheer you on as you reach your goals. Contact me, Tell me your goals. Let me feature YOU, cheer YOU on and share your progress as you strive to go out strong for the last 100 days!

Trust me, if I can learn to toe touch at my age, you can do ANYTHING!!

So go out there and make your goals happen!!

Back in Action

Well, after suffering a dramatic back injury, I am back in action. Being injured was very humbling, and a reminder of how much I want it. It has been hard for me to get back to where I was before, but I am making it slowly but surely.

I did take a break this weekend and travled to Laramie Wyoming for the first time in ages to cheer on my team, the Wyoming Cowboys, as they beat the Texas State Bobcats.

Before the game I managed to meet the a few members of the University Spirit Squad.

Val with the UW Spirit Squad Dancers

Me with the UW Spirit Squad dancers

The Marching Band got new uniforms, marching brass and drums! They looked and sounded great. To think, I spent 7 years in that marching band…

(silly me, can’t hold the camera straight and dance)

Oh, I MUST learn the cheerleaders dance to the beer song, just because I am still a UW alum.

My team, Cheer Salt Lake, is now up to 5-6 very committed people, with hopes that more will come. If I can somehow get 16 we would be in great shape. But For now we are all very peppy and enthusiastic!

I cant wait to tell you more!

Injured my back

Injury is perhaps the worst thing to happen to an athlete on top of her game. When you are running for your goal, and suddenly your body gives out, it can be very humbling. I know this to be true. For the first time in my life, I have suffered an sports related injury.

A few weeks ago I was going out for my run. I had taken only 2 steps when I felt a strange jitter and spasim in my lower back. The next thing I knew I could barely move. After crawling up upon the grass, I decided to take a break before going back home. However I noticed that after about 10 minutes, I was unable to get up. So I called my parents and they came and got me.

I didn’t realize how bad everything was until after I had gotten home, laid down for a while and tried to go to the bathroom. My left leg wasn’t moving at all!! I was stuck IN my parents bed.

Long story short I was stuck in bed for 2-3 days, and had a very bad back for over 2 weeks. Sitting in chairs was too painful for me, so I had to do my work on my lap.

I had to postpone the first meeting of CheerSL, and cheer training for 2 weeks.

I have to admit though, going to cheer lessons is what has really helped my back the most. It was the stretching that really helped make me feel good. In fact, I have found that the best thing to do with a back injury is to not stay in bed, rather you need to constantly be stretching and moving. Don’t push yourself too hard, but keep your muscles moving as much as you can. In about two weeks, you should be back to normal

If you have thrown out your back, check out this article and you-tube video for more information.

Last week, I didn’t throw any jumps or stunts, but stretched, conditioned and moved (cheers, chants and dance). As a result, I was able to jump at my cheer lesson today. Despite 2 weeks of no jumping, I managed to pull some of my best jumps ever. Granted it took some time to get some of the cobwebs off my legs, but once I got going, I got better.

I should be better from here on out!