Busy making it happen!

The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized – never knowing.
~~Jim Rohn

Wow! I have been really busy making things happen! I just start working and the next think I know it is 2:00~3:00 in the morning. But I am working for a company in the Bay Area! I really can’t wait to make the official announcement about where I work and what I am working on, but I need to keep that secret until our app is released!

I am so happy I decided to push myself towards cheer.

Not only did I find a sport which I fell in love with, pursuing it has given me so much more than expected!

I have an excuse to get fit and stay fit
I am learning to flex my body (which is as stiff as an iron rod)
I have trained my hyper sensitive eyes to wear contacts and can now see the world MUCH better than ever before.
I have landed my dream job as a “lead creative designer” at a gaming company which I KNOW is going to take me far!

I can not believe how much my life has changed for the better in just a few short months!

I am really excited for what may come, I know it will be good!!!

SO my lesson to all of you is to GO FOR YOUR DREAM no matter how hard it may seem! Don’t live in regrets.. dont die thinking “I wish I would have…” Go out there and make your life amazing!

I know you can do it!!

flex flex flex

Ohhh my left hip flexor is going to be feeling it in the morning! I never thought I would ever say THAT in my life LOL!

Yes, I did go to the gym and work on my toe touching again. Kicking your hips out there really does make you sore. However, I am confident that once my body gets used to the movement, It will come easier.

That is good.

As for streching news, my dance classmate (I am in a “beginner class” and she in an instructor and has been dancing for years… AKA, there is no such thing as “beginner” classes for anything in Japan) taught my some really good streches. I also got a copy of Pavel Tsatsouline’s book, Relax into stretch, which has some really awesome advice on how I should go about stretching. This guy is crazy, but he really does seem to know what he is talking about. I mean he was a trainer for the Russian Special Forces. It is really interesting to learn some of the cultural difference between the Russian approach to strength training and flexibility. I mean, THEY are tons of awesome gymnasts and dancers in Russia

I really hope I get better before this May, when I move back to America!!

Ouch ouch OK lets do it again

I hurt…

my legs hurt

ouch ouch


Ok, So today has been SUPER BUSY with work and all that, but I did manage to go to the gym to lift weights and work on my toe touches.

Best news… I broke my record! My leg press is now at 132 kilo or 291 pounds!! That is ALMOST 300 pounds!! So my cheer-legs are getting stronger and stronger.

I also had my hip hop dance class today. We ended up doing a lot of kicks today! My legs feel like they are going to fall off, but I don’t care! My toe touches AFTER class were just a little bit better.

I am not all the way there yet, but I am really working on it!!

yeah! PUSH

Now time to work at my AWESOME job!!

well it took only 12 days..

It took only 12 days into the year 2010 before something BIG happened.

MY dream of becoming a cheerleader for the PCA has been held back by the fact that I am located in Japan. I knew I needed to relocate to the San Francisco area, but honestly I never quite knew HOW I was going to do that.

A lot of people kept on telling me that the economy was bad, or that getting a job in the graphic design industry would be next to nearly impossible.

How about being around 30 years old and going out for cheerleading. A lot of people would say that would be downright impossible.

I don’t believe in the impossible. I believe that the best is going to happen.

Well, finding work is perhaps the biggest obstacle for me to reach my goals…

but 12 days into the new year I can say that I have found some employment in the Bay Area. I will be working From Japan for now, then when all my contract obligations are up my boss will help me move to the Bay Area. If our product does really well, then things will be super awesome for me!

The Job IS going to be hard, but I know we can make it happen. Lets just say, when this takes off, It is going to go! And I think my official job title will be “Team Cheerleader” LOL

So yeah, these next 3 months are going to be PUSH PUSH PUSH for both work and job!

Ok, back to work!!


As you all know, I am a big fan of giving to charity. Together we raised $400 for Cheer for Life, and I just went to my best friends charity concert. Helping people feels so wonderful!

Well did you know there is a way you can help charities without paying any money? In fact all you need to do is long in and click VOTE! Pepsi gives $1,300,000 a month to charities and good causes, and asks for people like you and me to vote for them.

Well my friend from college, he and his mother run a charity to help struggling single parents! I think it is an awesome idea, and it is twice as awesome since it is my friend is the one who is running the charity. He has been helping me and supporting me as a whip my body into shape, so lets help him!

He is competing for the money from Pepsi, and he needs votes to push him up the rank. This is a free and great way to help out those in need! All you need to do is log in and click Vote

So vote now to help my friends charity!! Also go through and make your votes count! there are a ton of great causes to vote for!! So vote today to help.

Click here to help!!

Dance and GLEEK-Y-NESS

I had my jazz dance lesson today, first one of the year! Yet every time I think I am getting better at dance, my instructor tells me one million things I am doing WRONG.

And that is why I take her lessons, because I need a strict coach. From what little I have experienced, jazz dance and cheer are a little different… but being able to dance Jazz would help with cheer (Jazz is so hard!!)

SO I keep on pushing forward.

and I still managed to keep in shape too. I am starting week 5 of the 100 pushups with my full plank style pushups!! It still shocks me that I am able to do nearly 40 consecutive push ups, let alone one! It is just push push push.

And I finished #9 of my 100 projects in 100 days challenge.

I am such a geek, err Gleek, I had to do the William McKinley High School Cheerios!

You all know I love Glee…

anyway, here is my lovely rendition of the Cheerios!

WMHS Cheerios by ~jyoshikousei16 on deviantART

Touching the toe, touching the toe..

I never thought I would ever say this…

but boy, my hip flexors will feel THIS in the morning!

Yeah, I had some really good jumping practice today! I went to the city gym today to go lifting for the first time this year. My friend, Mr. Suzuki, was also there and I taught him some of the explosive lifts I have been doing on the bar (with what I can)! Oh I am such a geek!

After lifting and some plyometrics I spent about 30 mins stretching, doing v-ups and other hip opener workouts.

As a result I got my best toe touches ever today! Granted they are not perfect yet, as I did crash land every now and then. But seeing improvement is giving me confidence.

Most importantly I don’T fear the jump as much as I did when I started this journey! In July, I was thinking “how the hell am I going to do this” In October at camp, i was not not getting them at all. For the virtual tryout I did I didn’t even attempt it.

But Now I wold at least attempt it, even if I was only able to get my legs open by 20 degrees. I really feel confident in my ability to hit this jump!!! Even though I am only about 35% there, it is still better than where I was yesterday!

Yeah, progress is awesome!

I just may have what it takes to be a cheerio after all

Motto for 2011

This year, the year I am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN, has started off with me PUSHING forward.

Not only am I still managing to keep up with my health goals, my flexibility is just a little bit better, and my upper body strength is just a little bit stronger. Also my toe touch is just a bit higher than when I last videoed myself in November. I am improving, ever so slightly.

And that is the problem.. everything is still going slowly¥ (in my own opinion)

But I do wish for some faster improvement. So speed has become my number one concern for 2011.

Hence I have a new logo, Start Fast End Strong! I stole it from THIS awesome website which promotes 100 day challenges. Basically it is a coaching program designed to help change your life in 100 days. As soon as I get the money in the bank, I am going to try it out! I could use a coach’s push to get me through this VERY important time in my life.

Not only do I have to get ready for cheering, I have to get ready for my dream career and setting my entire life to where I need to go to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I am NOT going to make it happen by slowly idling… I have to START each day FAST and END each day strong.

One of the things I am doing is 100 designs in 100 days. I am going to finish 100 design projects (web pages, logos, advertisements, graphics, illustrations, etc) in 100 days.

And I am already done with 7 projects.

I even took a picture of my AWESOME cheer shoes

So if anybody in the SF Bay area is looking for an enthusiastic, sassy, cheering graphic designer, drop me a line!!

New Years Resolution to loose weight?– how to MAKE IT HAPPEN

The tradition of making New Years Resolutions began nearly 4000 years ago with some ancient Babylonian thinking “now might be a good time about time to return this hammer to Laqip.” But I am sure, like that shovel that was in my dad’s garage for many years, the tools probably never made it back to their original owner. Little did they know, the ancient Babylonians would be setting up a timeless system of yearly demonstrating the ability of human failure.

According to psychologist, a whopping 78% of New Years Resolutions are doomed to failure.

You would think that within 4000 years of human history, we would have figured out how to make our resolutions work for us, instead of leading to failure (bring with it all the psychological stress related to not accomplishing your goal).

So why do we continue making New Years Resolutions when we have a 78% chance that they will fail. Call it the newness of the new year or the feeling of getting a chance to start over again. However soon after the ball has dropped, and the confetti has been cleaned up, the motivation to do something new with your life soon dies down. Thus we return to old, comfortable habits.

Now this is particularly true with resolutions dealing with health and fitness. This also happens to be an area where I have some knowhow.

As someone who has lost nearly 70 pounds (in 7 years, 20 or them within the last year) and has gotten a lot more fit than where she was last year at this time, I think I have a thing or two to contribute.

Weight loss and fitness do go hand-in-hand, and you CAN achieve both as I have.

However there is a wrong way of going at it, and most people take this wrong way.

If you goal is to simply “loose 20 pounds” you will fall into the 78% of failures. I don’t care how often you do sit ups, starve yourself and step on the scale, your 20 pounds will NOT come off. Even if you make a SMART goal (which I think ARE really awesome) there is still a rather good chance that you will not meet your weight goals.

In order to loose weight or get fit, you really should not say “I am going to loose 20 pounds” or “I am going to get fit.” Even if you do work out, you will find it boring. I have a friend from college who works out and hates every second of it. I ask him, “why are you working out if you hate it so much?” to which he grudgingly responds “I need to stay fit, and it sucks.”

Whereas I have another friend from college who always runs 10 miles to and from work, and just yesterday happily treaded through 4 miles of Colorado snow on her way home from work. Knowing her, she LOVED ever second of it, because she loves running for the sake of running and she has passion for the sport of marathon.

Ever since I have known her she has always been in top-notch condition. I seriously doubt she said “I want to get fit” or “I want to loose 20 pounds.” Like me, she has a sport she is passionate about and going for it because she loves it.

As for me, loosing weight was NEVER a goal for me, yet I lost 20 pounds in 2010. Getting fit was never a goal for me, yet I am the most fit I have ever been in my entire life. It was my LOVE for cheer (and the PCA) that drove me!

Here is the REAL secret to loosing weight or getting fit. It is not some fad diet or fad exercise. In fact, I believe you shouldn’t even focus on you weight, or getting fit. The real secret is LOVE. You need to FALL IN LOVE with an activity which in turn will cause you to loose weight or get fit.

I fell in love with cheerleading of all sports. Once I learned about the PCA and the fact that there are other adults who love this sport too, there was NO STOPPING ME (In fact, that was my song, Can’t Stop Me Now by Queen)! From that day forward every step I took, every kilo I ran, every weight I lifted, every minute I spent stretching was all for my love of the sport. Knowing that I COULD INDEED start cheerleading at nearly 30 years old made me push myself even more. I lost nearly 20 pounds as a result. I now have a 122 kilo (270 pound) leg press, and I am able to do full men’s style pushups for the first time in my life.

As a result, I am thinest I have been in years, and I am the strongest I have been in years. This was never my initial intent. My initial intent was, and still is, to become a fast and strong cheerleader, and cheer in the PCA.

So if you are wanting to loose weight or get fit this year, I recommend you really rethink your goals. Find an activity, something deep down inside of you that you have always wanted to do, and just GO FOR IT. It doesn’t matter WHAT the activity is. It could be to run a marathon, swim a kilo, or run a triathlon. It could be something totally crazy, like adult cheerleading.

It doesn’t matter what activity you decide to do, it just has to be something you LOVE to do. Every time you are training (running, lifting etc), just think about your activity. I mean, I run 5K three times a week with a big smile on my face. I am smiling and thinking about cheer with every weight I lift! Just do it because you love it! Challenge yourself to get better because you love it. Instead of calorie counting or stepping on the scale, think only about getting better in the sport you have learned to love.

If you do that, the weight WILL shed off, and the fitness will come. What you will get as a result is so much more rewarding than seeing a number on a scale. I can’t even put into words how my push to become a cheerleader has changed my life in the last 6 months. Not only am I a healthy weight, I have also developed a lot of healthy habits. Furthermore I am so much happier in my everyday life. I don’t get upset or angry over small things anymore. I keep on smiling, and I can’t stop. My relationships with my friends and clients have become so much better. Overall I am so much better in every manner of my life due to the pursuit of my dream to cheer.

In closing, I hope that you too will decide to make a smart New Years Resolution to take up a sport or activity that you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter how bad you may think yourself to be. Trust me, I am NOT the most experienced cheerleader by far. However if you keep on pushing yourself, keep at it, you will get better Then you will know that this year, you managed to not only keep your resolution but changed your life for the better.

So go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN because you LOVE IT!!